August & Everything After

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Hello from home, where I’m halfway through laundry and, let’s be honest, about a quarter of the way through unpacking. Oh, heavens, I know, I know. I was supposed to announce the Michigan Awesome/My Great Lakes winners on Saturday. But let’s be honest, I spent Saturday and Sunday half-packing, half-stockpiling blueberries and trying not to cry about leaving the lake.

And then we arrived home late on Sunday night, after horrific traffic and not one but TWO trips through the McDonald’s drive thru, to a basement under construction, drywall and nails and stacks of furniture everywhere–because remember how we had a little flood when the kids and I were Up North and Aaron was in the Middle East, and we left for the lake with a basement full of water and a nice man named Sam promised to take care of it?

He did, in fact, and now he’s finishing up a little work that we always intended to do, and then the flood forced our hand, so to speak. We’re putting a guest room in the basement, which will be lovely, because currently guests have to stay in Mac’s room, and apparently not everybody likes sleeping with a toddler staring directly at them all night long, peering through the bars of his crib like an inmate, repeating the phrase, “All done sleeping? All done sleeping?

Yesterday I went to a quick tv interview in the city, and then had an AMAZING cappuccino at La Colombe with my publicist Kelly. After much-needed naps, the boys and I bought one million groceries, unpacked a whole bunch of bags, and by bedtime last night, Aaron and I looked at each other and said, Okay, we’re home. And it felt great.

Remind me for next time that it takes a full 24 hours of wandering around, stepping over packed bags, and eating pickles for lunch because that’s all that’s in the fridge, and then all at once we remember that we love being home, we love our little house, and we’re ready to settle back in for the end of summer.  Phew.

Our time at the lake was extraordinary, and I’m still carrying several very important conversations and moments around with me like smooth beach stones in a pocket, reminders of a wonderful place and an important time. I’ll think and write and unravel more threads in weeks to come, but for now, what I know is this: I’m so deeply thankful for the time we spend up at the lake—as a couple, as a little family of four, with our extended families, and with the dear friends who join us for little visits along the way. Some truly extraordinary things happened in us this summer, and I think our year will be different because of it, in big and small ways.

Sometimes you have to get away from your “real” life to see what that real life you’ve created really looks like, or what it could. This summer was a big one for us, and I’m so thankful.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be updating my 2013-2014 Event Calendar—I’m so excited about the events I get to be a part of this year, and I’d love to see you/meet you/connect with you at one of them. When we get the last round of details set, I’ll post all the info.

Until the official calendar is up, this weekend, August 3 & 4, I’ll be speaking at Ecclesia in Houston, my church away from home.

And on Monday night, August 5th, I’ll be reading and signing at a darling local bookstore in Woodstock called Read Between The Lynes.

I’ll be teaching Midweek at Willow on August 14th, and also at the weekend service on the 24th & 25th.

Also on our family’s calendar in August: the Leadership Summit, which is always a highlight. Just after that, Henry will start 1st grade, I’ll celebrate a birthday, and Aaron & I will celebrate our anniversary in NYC. It’ll be a rich/busy/full/exciting month, and I’m looking forward to every part of it.

Love, love, love to you. XO, S

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  1. Glad you had such a lovely time! And it sounds like you have some wonderful events and opportunities coming up! Our church is a host site for the Summit and I am SO BUMMED that we are not able to attend this year. It is always such a blessing in our lives. Enjoy!

  2. New reader. Picked up your Bread and Wine book at Barnes and Noble the other day and I’m obsessed. The lake sounds lovely. Can’t wait to hear about it more. Also, I just laughed out loud at the inmate-toddler comment. Nice…

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