Use Your Words

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Last week in Phoenix I ran into a friend I haven’t seen for years. He influenced me very deeply in all sorts of ways in one particular season of life, and then there he was, unexpectedly, standing there in the sunshine in Phoenix. We didn’t small talk—it was clear that he had just a minute before he had to leave. After he hugged me, he kept his hands on my shoulders for just a second and said, “I’m so proud of you. I’m SO proud of you.” I drank up the kindness of his words, so surprised by them. I bet I could tell you every word of our short conversation.

Because he spent his words wisely. He knew that his words would be important to me, and so in just a few minutes, he spent them. He recalled conversations we had more than ten years ago, about how I wanted to be a writer, but couldn’t hardly even say it out loud, for fear that someone like me could never do something like that.

He told me about friends of his who’d read my books and talked to him about it. And at the beginning and the end of the conversation, he looked straight at me and said these words: I’m so proud of you.

I think sometimes we shy away from words like this, because it’s awkward, or because we don’t want to make things all serious. We don’t say anything because we assume people don’t really care that much what we think, or because we don’t want to seem parental—doesn’t proud sound a little bit like you’re talking to a twelve year old?

Maybe it does. But the self-conscious twelve year old in me was absolutely thrilled to hear that someone I respected so deeply thought I was doing a good job. His words mattered to me.

Later that night, I was sitting with a friend, another writer. She was trying to make a hard decision, feeling a little bit pressured by her publisher. At one point, I said: “Listen: you’re an incredible writer.” I saw a look of shock on her face. “You know that, right? Don’t people tell you all the time that you’re a very, very special writer?”

“No one tells me that,” she said. “Are you crazy? No one says that.”

And I thought of my old friend, and our conversation earlier that day. His words were still ringing in my ears, making me smile every time I thought of them, like a twelve year old. I’m not in any way the impressive person he is, not by a long shot, but I wondered if my words could do the same thing in her that his words did in me.

So I looked right into her eyes and said, “Listen: you’re special. Your writing is important, and it changes people, and it’s changed me.  Your writing matters.”

And I knew by her face that I didn’t need to be famous in order for my words to be valuable to her. Words are valuable, and everyone needs to know that they’re loved, that someone’s proud of them, that someone sees the magic that makes them them.

So this is my challenge for you: use your words. Use them today. For someone you love, someone you’re proud of, someone who needs to know they matter…and everyone needs to know they matter.

Leave a comment here and tell us about someone—why you adore them, why you’re cheering them on…or post it on Insta or Twitter, and include their name & mine. Or just pick up the phone or knock on someone’s front door. Look them right in the eye and remind them: I’m proud of you. I’m cheering for you. I’m thankful for you. You’re special.

Use your words.

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