Bread & Wine Release Party at Lululemon


So it seems like one million years ago, but a week and a half ago (can it be?), we celebrated the release of Bread & Wine at the brand new Lululemon Athletica store at Deer Park.

 The store is beautiful, and the Lululemon team is amazing. I was a Lululemon fan before this event, and now I’m like a crazed evangelist. I love their clothes (I just got the Forme jacket and I’ve been wearing it non-stop), but more than that, I love how they do what they do. They’re real and warm, community-oriented, positive. I can’t say enough.


On the night of the party, my friends came early and assembled gift bags and moved tables and made stacks of books. Aaron made a great playlist and at the last minute Steve saved the day and brought a corkscrew for the makeshift bar we set up in the fitting area. Bjorn set up a photo booth, one of the most fun parts of the night. There was cheese and fruit and my favorite ever fig jam and really great wine and beautiful chocolates from Anna Shea.

Readers came from Michigan and Indiana and Minnesota and  I was blown away. It was a truly fantastic night, every moment, from start to finish. I loved catching up with old friends and meeting readers who tested recipes and reviewed early copies of the book, readers that I’ve emailed with for ages and finally got to hug in real life.


 What I said that night is that it seems like authors write books alone. But that’s not true. This is our book, something we made together. What moved me so deeply that night were the faces of all the people who played such an important part in this book getting written, from the women who take care of our kids while I write to the friends who allowed me to tell their stories to the readers who came from all over to tell me stories about what these words have meant to them in their own lives and communities. I’m so so so thankful to get to do this work I love, and I’m so thankful for the extraordinary community that has walked with me through this process.


 That night my friend Emily came all the way from Kalamazoo with her darling newborn Charlotte in tow, our littlest party guest. They stayed with us, and when we got back to our house after the party, we put the baby to bed and changed into jammies and toasted with champagne and sweet potato fries (because I forgot to eat even one bite at the party–that’s always how it is!).  Sitting there with my dear friend, I felt so full of gratitude and love.

One million thanks to the Lululemon team, and to my friends and family, and to the readers who came to celebrate with me. Love, Love, Love.

(Photos from Christine Anderson & Sarah Carter–thanks, pals!)

8 thoughts on “Bread & Wine Release Party at Lululemon

  1. Shauna, I read your book yesterday on Mother’s Day and wept and laughed and loved it…it is so beautifully written..thank you for sharing the most vulnerable parts of yourself..and also the great recipes…I will continue to share bread and wine and lots if food with those I Love around the table!!

  2. I feel like you are a kindred spirit, God has continually planted this on my heart, it is confirmation and resonates in my soul. Love it, congrats on your success. Just by chance, divine intervention that I found it, I love how God has so many surprise for us, we just have to look for them. Be blessed

  3. I don’t know if its too late to enter- my fav summer food is easily grilled pizza … With some good red wine!

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