It’s all about the Heart, not the Hustle

photo copy 6Okay. Today’s Challenge: *WASTE* Five Minutes

One of my new things (of which there are many these days–I feel sort of adolescent, changing & growing & trying new things faster than I can keep up with, in a good way) is wasting time. Wasting it: spending it lavishly, staring into space, wandering around the block, sitting on the kitchen floor eating blueberries with Mac.

My goal upon returning to real life after lake life is to keep my summer heartmy flexible, silly, ready-to-play, ever-so-slightly irresponsible heart. What I’ve been delighted to find is that it’s not that my real life is all wrong, by any means—it’s not that I’m doing work I hate or that I’m ill-fit for the life we’ve made. It’s that for all sorts of reasons, I default to hustle mode all too often. Hustle is the opposite of heart.

And so one of the tiny little things I’m learning to do is waste time. Strategically avoid strategy, for five minutes at a time. Intentionally not be intentional about every second. Have no purpose—on purpose. See what I did there? I could go all day…

In my creative/freelance/work from home/sort of always working–sort of never working world, there are lots of conversations about how to do it better/faster/smarter. How to streamline, multi-task, layer, balance, flow, juggle. How to monetize, strategize, and on and on. Good stuff. Necessary stuff.

But my jam these days is wasting time, playing, becoming aware of that internal engine that always wants to go faster, faster, faster. That engine is not the best part of me. My heart is the best part of me. I’m so committed to keeping this summer heart, this heart I’ve recovered, and I’m finding that one of the keys for me is wasting time.

So that’s my challenge for you: waste five minutes today. And then come back and tell me how it felt. What did you do? How did your heart feel?

What would our lives be like if our days were studded by tiny, completely unproductive, silly, non-strategic, wild and beautiful five minute breaks, reminders that our days are for loving and learning and laughing, not for pushing and planning, reminders that it’s all about the heart, not about the hustle

19 thoughts on “It’s all about the Heart, not the Hustle

  1. Five minutes is never enough for me.

    Every now and then I need a day of nothing on the agenda…a day to waste playing, maybe some chores in between but mostly time in my jammie’s to do little but hang out with the kids and have an electronic free day. ( a must for the over 9 year old set — no tv, no I-touch, no phone, no computer)

  2. It’s not wasted time, it’s mindfulness, or contact with the present moment. We often run on autopilot, not really realizing what we’re doing. Mindfulness allows us to enjoy the moment, such as really tasting those summer blueberries by focusing not just on the taste, but the sound, texture, and shape they make in our mouths. Or feeling our feet connect with the cement on a walk and noticing how each movement makes our body change. We need these moments for sanity and to rest our minds, so we can be more efficient when we want to be.

  3. Thank you for this reminder at the perfect time! my one year old daughter kept grabbing my MOPS material as I was trying to get some planning done and was frustrating me to no end! but I laid the papers aside, got on the floor with her and crawled around for ten minutes. My stress dissapeared un the moment, my baby was content and my heart was full. this is my most important job :)

  4. I sat at Starbucks, drank iced coffee, and looked at Mindy Kaling quotes on buzzfeed. I didn’t pretend to read the book I brought, I just chilled and laughed and enjoyed my few (rare!!) moments by myself, before getting my hair cut. Glorious.

  5. It wasn’t 5 minutes, but only about 3. Before dinner, when my husband, Josh, came home from work. The baby, Felix, was fussy and nothing seemed to calm him. Josh grabbed Felix and walked outside into the rain and then under our tin car port. I followed. The noise was nearly deafening, but Felix relaxed. Smiled at both of us and we all stood there leaning against the car watching puddle collect on the asphalt.

  6. “Hustle is the opposite of heart.” Echo that! Hustle is chronos. The heart is kairos. Been chewing on chronos and kairos and the hustle and the heart fits. I wrote some goals for the summer of ’13 (2013) where each goal was 13 of something, like “13 Books Read,” etc. [And, yes, Bread & Wine was read and added to that list.] Another goal was “13 Unscheduled Days.” I am loving those bold days and echoed with the “Waste 5-minutes” challenge. I am happier in a way that echoes childhood simplicity. [Do I get points for using quotation marks and the word echo too much??] Thanks for writing.

  7. Perfect timing for this post, thank-you! We have just moved house / countries / jobs and I am in the midst of a trying to do a million things with two toddlers running around my ankles. After reading this post this morning I dropped everything and played hide and seek with my girls. They laughed. I laughed. And the whole day started off so much lighter than yesterday where I had hurried the girls out of the house eager to start checking off my ‘to do’ list. You are so right, the engine is not the best part, we have to let our hearts lead more often. I loved laughing with my girls this morning so much that I took another few 5 minute breaks throughout the day, all of which were well worth it to stop, pause and enjoy my girls more thoughtfully x

  8. I’ve been challenged recently to find my inner child. So last night included a stop at the dollar store for crayons, colored pencils and markers.
    And then I spent 40 minutes coloring pages from pinterest.

  9. Thank you so much for these words. I love this idea of wasted time. It makes me think so much of the need for more play. Just creating these open spaces in our hearts to fill with renewed life. Thank you for this wonderful reminder to let it all go for awhile and bask in the ordinary moments of beauty.

  10. THIS is so HARD for me! But it is obviously what God has been trying to teach me for years. And has recently started bombarding me with these thoughts. I recently decided to quit my “awesome” corporate world job to be at home full time with my 2 “awesome-er” children – a really tough decision for me, actually! I am slowly learning how to Waste time. But it goes against everything in my make up. Today however, I “wasted” time having a pillow fight with my little boy. It was full of his deep throat boyish giggles and it was amazing! In the midst of it, I realized my stomach was kind of hurting from a constant small giggle. Best 5 minutes of the week so far! :)
    Thanks for the encouragement Shauna!
    P.s…. I grew up in Michigan! :)

  11. How did I waste 5 minutes? Well, I wouldn’t call reading Cold Tangerines wasting time, but sitting with a cup of coffee and slice of cheesecake at 3:50 on a drizzly Saturday afternoon qualifies when my desk sits messy with unpaid bills and unfiled papers. ‘Hide and Seek,’ ‘Broken Bottles’ and ‘Prayer and Yoga’ had me laughing out loud; the writing as delicious as the cheesecake!

  12. Wasting five minutes? Not hard to do – I think I shall rename it (for my purpose) Taking care of me time!
    Tonight I spent an amazing evening with a special friend that at the last minute asked if I wanted go with her to an “author” event at Read between the Lynes. Then she bought me my own copy of “Bread & Wine”. Best evening I’ve spent in a very long time. Thank you Shauna. I decided to look at your blog before I went to bed . I AM impressed and I’ve decided to take your challenge – tomorrow! I’ve wasted plenty of time today but I promise I will take “the take care of me ” time tomorrow and report back. God Bless you!
    PS: You just happen to use the same publisher of another author I know & my mother used to work for – Walt Wangerin. (hum – Psalm 46:10)

  13. Hi Shauna!
    I just read your Bread and Wine book. Your exuberance in regard to friendship is evident and inspiring.
    This post reminds me of Psalm 46:10. It’s about Him not me. Whew!

  14. To PomPom
    I find it very facinating whenever someone else has thoughts similar to mine. It’s almost as if someone is trying to send me a message or hit me in the head because I’m not getting the message – I am referring to Psalm 46:10. My favorite verse. So to you thanks and God Bless.

  15. I am flooded by memories by the picture you posted. WILD STRAWBERRIES!!! My grandma lived in a suburb of Milwaukee with an abandoned farmer’s field next door. It was filled with wild strawberries. Some of my favorite memories were the hours we spent picking those tiny, bot-oh-so-sweet berries. Something beautiful would happen in those hours. The sweet conversation that can only happen between a grandma and her grand-child (although I was an adopted grandchild…a story for another time) Sharing stories. Laughing about eating more than we are picking. Squeals of joy over the most beautiful butterfly or bug. THEN, we would take our hard work and make it into preserves. Can you even imagine how many tiny wild berries it takes to make preserves? I can’t hardly believe we did it, but we did. And the outcome was beyond scrumptious. Delectable. Perfection. I’ve never found that delicious taste replicated and I know I never will. And, I’m so glad I got to share it with my Grandma Dorothy. Yes, Waste Away!

  16. What a wonderful challenge. As we were running out the door today, my one year old daughter grabbed my hand, patted the seat of a rocking chair and basically asked me to sit down. My immediate thought was, “no sweetie, we have to get going” but I resisted the urge and we paused. We sat in our matching white rocking chairs on the porch, moving back and forth enjoying the silence, the sky and smiles. It slowed me down and created a special moment for us. Thank you for your reminder!

  17. YES!!! This is the theme for the season I am currently in. A relocation has provided me the rare opportunity to open myself up to these “5 minute sanity savers.” I read a LinkedIn posting where someone said the best advice she ever received was to do nothing for five minutes, especially on Mondays. I couldn’t believe how hard that was to do!!! As with most things, however, practice makes perfect. I have found that by taking five minutes to quiet and calm myself, to look around at God’s beauty, I am taking life in. These moments have been some my favorite parts of the day. Thank you for the affirmation!

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