Michigan Awesome/My Great Lake Giveaway Winners

The 5 Michigan Awesome Winners:

1. MEGHAN: “My favorite thing about summer is porch parties with great friends; sometimes we read books together, sometimes we sit in rocking chairs drinking birch beer and laughing, other times we sit and listen to the sounds of nature all around us. No matter the people, activity, or choice of drink, summer for me always includes a classic porch party.”

2. ZLATA ODRAZILOVA: “My favorite thing about the summer is putting away grad school textbooks on the shelf and pulling out my “to read list” of fun books.”

3. MARY MARGARET PENDLETON: “My favorite thing about summer is the long days, slower pace, and anything related to water (swimming, canoeing, paddleboarding, etc)!”

4. CARA MEREDITH: “heirloom tomatoes. YUM.”

5. CAMMIE// POLKA DOTTED PEONY: “I am also a lover of Michigan fruit. My mom grew up just west of South Haven, and the fruit from that region is not to be beat.”

The 5 My Great Lake Winners:

1. KELLY @ LOVE WELL: “I feel the SAME WAY about Minnesota summers. And of course, I’d pick Superior as my great lake. I even named my oldest daughter after our favorite town on the North Shore. (Proof of serious love.)

Summer is my favorite season, so asking me to pick one thing is like asking me to pick a favorite child. The food? The smell of the grill? S’mores? Wearing my swimsuit more than I wear regular clothes? Sunburned shoulders? Sand beneath my toes? The sound of a loon crying under the moon? Yes. All of the above.”

2. ALLI SHEPHERD: “As a Michigan native who has recently moved back to this state after living in Colorado for 6 months (and Indiana before that) I can truly say that I appreciate this state so much more after being away. Growing up here I never realized how special it was. Now I know better, and I’ll never take Michigan for granted. I studied abroad in Ireland and traveled to Greece and Paris, but I have yet to find a place as peaceful as the mitten. Summer brings out the best in this state, and there are so many things that make it great. One thing I do love about summer is the ability to live life outdoors, enjoying God’s creation in a whole new way. Eating outside on restaurant patios, community meals on the back deck, walks through Michigan trails, ice cream runs, berry picking, hours spent on the beach, going on a run or bike ride through neighborhoods. All the things that we long to do in the colder months, we can enjoy in the fresh and inviting air of summer. But my favorite thing is probably campfires on the beach with old friends after sunset. Simple, warm, happy.”

3. ARIANNE LEHN: “Creating a list of books I want to read, reading said list, writing in my journal, and receiving renewal.”

4. JENNIFER ROZMAN: “I love summer dressing…sandals, tshirts and shorts are just about the best wardrobe ever! I also love the daylight, late summer nights are the best! And paddle boarding on lake Michigan is one of my favorite things to do.

5. KATHLEEN: “SLOW! I love the way life seems to stand still for summer.”

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