On Fear & Love & Bread & Wine

breadandwinebookI know I’ve told you all this before, but just to review, this is how it is when your book is about to be released: all of a sudden, the day after Easter, let’s say, you’re getting your hair done, with a venti latte in one hand and your phone in the other. You’re balancing your laptop on your knees because you’re so behind on work that you’ve broken down and brought your computer to the salon with you, which is crazy. Your head is half-covered with foils, and while you’re typing away and chatting with your stylist, you get a message on Twitter (thanks Amy!) that your book is shipping from Barnes and Noble. And there it is, just like that: your book is out.

For those of you who pre-ordered on Amazon, it could be any day, and my guess is Saturday at the latest—I’m basing this on the fact that a book I’ve been looking forward to SO MUCH—Glennon Melton’s Carry On, Warriors (Get it! Get it!)—is technically released tomorrow, and I got my shipping notification for it on Saturday. But really, I don’t know. And I have no idea when it will be in stores—let me know, maybe, if you see it? :)

While you’re waiting for your copy to arrive, here are a few little treats from my publisher to tide you over: a free audio chapter and a free downloadable/printable sample.

If you’re local, there are a few fun things coming up. This weekend, April 6 & 7, I’m speaking at our church about forgiveness and letting go of resentment. You know, of course, how I feel about my church. I adore our church community, and especially after a really moving holiday weekend, I’m so honored and thankful for the opportunity to teach this weekend.

As you may imagine, though, I do get ever-so-slightly nervous, and if you’re the praying kind, I’d love your prayers, that I would be present and courageous, and possibly even wise and helpful—I know it’s a lot to ask. And also that I won’t fall down or swear, which are the two things I’m always afraid I might do while speaking publicly.

And then next Wednesday, at Willow’s Midweek gathering, Heather Larson, Rebekah Lyons and I will be having a conversation in the atrium, right after worship,  about writing, story-telling, mothering, faith, failure and courage, among other things. Rebekah’s lovely book Freefall to Fly is coming out this month, too, and we’re excited to talk together and take lots of questions from the community—we’d love to see you there.

And then save the date, local pals, for a Bread & Wine release party at the brand new Lululemon Athletica at Deer Park Town Center on April 25th. So fun, right? Later this week I’ll post all the details, and on that post you’ll have a chance to rsvp—spots are limited and the gift bags are GREAT, so keep an eye out for that. :)

Because we’re friends, it feels only right that I tell you I’m feeling pretty tender and vulnerable these days. I’m so grateful and so excited, and I really love sharing the stories and recipes in this book…and at the same time, it’s a scary thing to hand over a couple hundred pages that you’ve worked so hard on, knowing that part of the deal is that they will be commented on, dismissed, disagreed with, misunderstood.

But this is the thing: at church yesterday, at the very end of the service, my dad (who is our pastor) asked us to consider what we need to surrender. This is what I wrote:

I surrender my fear, and instead I choose peace.

I surrender my desire to control, and instead I choose love.

I surrender my desire to take and grab, and instead I choose giving. 

Please do feel free to remind me about this several hundred times a day this month. We’ll remind each other, ok?

Love, love, love, S

16 thoughts on “On Fear & Love & Bread & Wine

  1. My lovely, little, local bookstore called today to tell me that my copy has arrived! Can’t wait to take a walk uptown to pick it up tomorrow!

  2. So nervous for you but am faithful you will receive only accolades! I can’t wait to read the book.
    Just saw this post on another blog I follow and thought of you.

    We have been committing to more dinner parties lately (3 this last month) since your book is on my mind and I’ve been trying to get better at creating a strong community for ourselves! We always invite other vagrants to our home on Easter and had 10 adults, 7 kiddos yesterday. It dawned on me that one person (family) always stays the longest and helps clean up. Not only do they benefit from leftovers but we all benefit from some very rich conversation. I decided that is my favorite part – the guest that lingers. The best memories and most connectedness seem to come from that person/family!
    Thank you – for your inspiration!


  3. I’m looking forward to getting the books I ordered and adding the bookplates for the ones that are gifts. I’m also excited that I “happen” to be in Chicagoland this weekend. Before heading out to my quarterly retreat I appreciate worshipping with the community at WCCC. It’s a lovely part of my rhythm. May the heart of God fill you, calm you, restore you and give you new life that would flow through you to others.

  4. Oh those words from your dad are so inspiring! That really resonates with me. I totally understand how difficult it is as a writer to continue to put words on to the page, and then to send them out into the world for people to take in, comment on, share or not share. It’s terrifying and at the same time, exhilarating. I just finished reading Bittersweet (I’m a little late to this party, hope you don’t mind) and I have to say, I am so inspired by you and your words and your vulnerability. I really want my writing, on my blog and in future books, to be that which invites people into community, to open up, be vulnerable, be inspired and challenged. I am so glad that God gave me these gifts, and that He gave you yours. Can’t wait to read Bread and Wine!

  5. Shauna –
    I am so so grateful that you continue to write with honesty and fearlessness; that you continue to allow us readers into your heart and home.
    Thank you, thank you. Your words speak to my soul.

    xo, Chelsey

  6. I will pray for your this weekend and next Wednesday and that you enjoyed talking to you stylist, even with the computer in your lap. Your writing is so sincere and you are so honest. I did a second post on my blog because I made the delicious crisp and wanted to share with my blogging teacher friends. Love our church, love how much we have learned from everyone in your family for thirty-six years. Thank you so much…xo PS I will be that one old lady that will hang on your every word this weekend and next Wed.

  7. So excited for you! And having been blessed enough to read an advance copy, I KNOW everyone will love it!!!

    You continue to inspire me with your willingness put yourself out there in an honest and meaningful way. I am launching my website and blog this week- and girl -you are all over it! I want others to read the same wise words I did and be encouraged to be tellers-of-truth and share their stories. Praying for you!

  8. I saw that you would be speaking at Willow this Sunday so I looked you up! I am a fairly new member to the Willow Community, and in a very short period of time, it has become a necessity to my week. I look forward to hearing you speak and feel CERTAIN that you will be present, courageous and wise….all you have to do is to speak from your heart. I’m eager now to read your new book, and, I have to say I’m pretty darn excited to try this Roasted Broccoli of yours.
    Blessings to you.

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