Summer Girl

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As far as I’m concerned, it’s summertime, and it officially started on Sunday.  We went to a really fun pool party, the only sensible thing to do on the first ninety degree day in …

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Team JVR

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Our friend Paul JVR is South African, and he and his wife Deirdre moved from South Africa to Chicago to work at Willow just as Aaron and I were moving to Grand Rapids.  We’ve …

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Restaurants: Grand Rapids

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Will wonders never cease?  I started a series, and now I’m continuing it.  Pinching myself.  Who am I?  I loved your Chicago restaurant recommendations–thank you! I’m especially excited to try Rose Angelis.  Mmm.  

Let’s …

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Restaurants: Chicago

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First, the photo vote was a total landslide–right it is.  Although those of you who chose the left won’t be disappointed. We’ll use that one for all sorts of things, I promise.  Thanks so …

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Our Cooking Club

By Posted in - Food on April 26th, 2010 1 Comments

Our Cooking Club just hit two important milestones: we celebrated our first anniversary, and we added our first new member: our little group’s growing up so fast!  I get so many questions about Cooking …

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