On Narrowing

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FullSizeRenderHappy Friday, my friends. It’s almost noon, and I’m typing away, surrounded by scribbles and scraps of paper, drinking Irish Breakfast tea, blasting Alabama Shakes.

After about six weeks away from working on Present Over Perfect, I’m back into it today, reading old drafts, squinting at each page, trying to figure out what stays, what goes, what comes after what.

I’m working with a new editor in addition to Carolyn, who I love, and I feel as though I’ve hit the jackpot, that these two brilliant women are walking with me, pushing me, telling me the truth, drawing out the best, asking for deeper, richer work.

There are a lot of things I love, but the core of the core for me is writing and family, my two greatest loves. Today I’ll type till Henry gets off the bus, and then tonight is family night—shooting baskets, watching a movie all snuggled up, popcorn and jammies and blankets.

There’s a narrowing that takes place as you grow up, I think—you leave more and more behind: things other people want you to be, things you thought you might want to be, ways of living that never did actually fit, like shoes that are a little too tight.

For those of you who are 18 or 28, and to you 38 years old sounds a million years away, I’m here to tell you it’s great. Getting older is the best thing ever, because you’re so much freer, so much more sure of what you are and what you’re not, so much more able to articulate the most important things.

These next 10 weeks or so will be narrow, in the best possible way, as I work to finish the first draft of this book: lots of writing, lots of silence and space. Lots of shooting baskets and peeling clementines for Mac and reading with Henry. Lots of time around the table with our people, Saturday soccer games, lots of walks to the park.

I’m loving the simplicity and rhythm of this season–the boys have Saturday morning breakfast with Papa, we gather for the Practice on Sunday nights, our small group turns up around our table on Thursdays. I love the signs of spring drawing us outside again, Mac on his glider, and Henry and his friends whooping and shouting, shooting Nerf arrows into the trees. And I love these moments surrounded by words, lining them up, rearranging them, discovering what it is that I really do think and feel by typing, trying, typing.

When I’m writing, I’m very particular about what I listen to and what I read, because it gets inside, you know? I’m a little more permeable in seasons of writing, and so I want to choose stories and sounds that keep good company, that make me braver and wilder and more honest.

Some sounds and stories that are keeping me company this springtime:

What I’m listening to:

Alabama Shakes/Sound & Color

Sandra McCracken/Psalms

Christy Nockels/Let it Be Jesus

Needtobreathe/Rivers in the Wasteland

The Lone Bellow/Then Came the Morning

What I’m reading:

Rachel Held Evans/Searching for Sunday

Jon Ronson/So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed

Erik Larson/Dead Wake

Gretchen Rubin/Better Than Before

Scot McKnight/A Fellowship of Differents

What else should I be reading and listening to these days? What stories and sounds are keeping you company this springtime?


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