5 Great New Books

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photo 6It’s book season, pals. SO MANY great books out this month, in addition to my dad’s, of course–thanks so very much to all of you who participated in the giveaway. Your comments were fascinating, and confirmed how far many of us have drifted from the simple ways of living we crave.

We’re sneaking in one more weekend at the lake, soaking up every drop of summer, but before I pack our bags, I wanted to leave you with 5 great books that just came out this month:

The Best Yes

When Lysa TerKeurst came to town earlier this year, we didn’t even make it to the coffee shop before we got on the topic of pleasing, saying yes when we long to say no, exhaustion, pressure, expectations. I remember where we were on the road when she said, “It’s all about the best yes.” That phrase caught me, as I waited to turn left. I stared at her for a minute. The best yes.  In a season when I’ve been back and forth between yes and no a thousand times a day, it seems, that phrase landed inside me in such an important way, and I gobbled up this book in an afternoon, with tears and nodding and underlining. Her book has been an important part of my journey this season, and I’m so thankful.

2. Unstoppable

You know how I feel about Christine Caine: she’s a force, in the best possible way. She pushes me and encourages me and challenges me every time we spend time together, and this book is just like spending time with her–high intensity, exciting, full of vision for the future of the church–something you know I’m so passionate about. Christine and I are church girls–women who love the local church desperately. I’m so thankful for her voice, and for the way she’s using it all over the world.

3. Speak

This is Nish’s first book, but she’s been a writer and editor over at A Deeper Story for many years. She’s smart and passionate, and we have the weird habit of buying the same things quite often–I’ll see her shoes or a sweater on Instagram and text her–”Hold the phone, I’m WEARING that right now!” And vice versa. That has nothing to do with her great book, of course. But it’s almost a holiday weekend and I’m having trouble staying focused, clearly. In Speak, which I love, Nish essentially frames a new way of living our faith, connecting through story rather than dogma. It’s beautiful.

4. Sticky Faith Guide for your Family

When I worked in student ministry, Kara Powell was like a legend to me. And now that I’m a parent, she still is, even more so. I read everything she writes, and am always happy to see her and soak up her wisdom. This book is full of practices to help your kids build lasting faith, and it’s based on her team’s research at Fuller. What’s more important than understanding what really does help develop lasting faith? I’m paying close attention to her words these days.

5. Writing to Find Yourself

My friend Ally Vesterfelt found herself blocked and frustrated in her writing…and what she learned through the process of getting unstuck found its way into this free e-book. It’s all about finding ourselves through the process of writing. Writing delivers us back to ourselves, and Ally writes about the twists and turns of that process with great clarity. It’s a short book–set aside an afternoon this weekend to read it, and make sure you allow time afterward to write, because I promise it will inspire you.

There you are! 5 great reasons to grab a glass of wine and sit on the porch this weekend, soaking up the last & sweetest moments of the season.

Love & ice cream, Shauna

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